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    • Guild Name: XHunterX Guild Leader:Zoldyck Guild Members: 1.HarpMan 2.Winry Rockbell 3.Devolicious 4.KuyaOrc 5.Chronos 6.MasterKenshin 7.Eustass Kid 8.Basilio 9.Skorn19 10.No0bm4st3r69 11.BLOOSOM 12.S o h e e 13.Luna Lovegood 14.Mother Forker 15.Blizzard 16.B R U T A 17.KW4TRO 18.Zhask 19. Kakashi Guild Image: (do not post your emblems) Timezone: GMT+8
    • - Trial War of Emperium - Dear Players, our first trial War of Emperium is scheduled on June 19, and June 20, 2021. Schedule below for your reference: June 19, 2021 - 10:00PM to 11:00 PM GMT+8 (Kriemhild, Prontera Castle) June 20, 2021 - 12:00PM to 1:00PM GMT+8 (Sacred Altar, Payon Castle) Guild Mechanics: 1. Guild Limit of 36 Players. If you had exceeded the number of players, it will automatically be kicked inside the castle. 2. Guild Leader may message GM-Lumina to join the Guild Leader Discussions. 3. Guild Leaders will also be the one to request for their free supplies to be used on trial War of Emperium. Please, do take note that this is only a trial War of Emperium and will not count as official WoE. This is so we can debug any issues if there are any. Expect any bugs if there are any as this is the first trial WoE of the server. Prizes for trial WoE: 5,000 Cash Points for the winning Guild.
    • June 17 to 24, 2021 - Collect Endless Tower Points and exchange them for a limited time items. Talk to Endless Tower Porter NPC at @quest.   Instance Mechanics: Prepare atleast 60,000z for Endless Tower Porter NPC. Prepare 2,500,000z entry generation fee for the instance. Instance is repeatable by Character and not Account. Earn Ashes of Darkness, and Endless Tower Points per specific floors. Finish the Endless Tower for more points! Exchange your Endless Tower Points here. NOTE: MVP's are still x2 HP inside the tower. Instance Cooldown: 2 days. POINT SYSTEM: Floor 25 - 1 Point Floor 50 - 1 Point Floor 75 - 2 Points Floor 99 - 5 Points Banned Skills inside the instance: Teleport Ice Wall Intimidate Spider Web High Jump Reflect Shield Reject Sword
    • Guild Name: Fallen Strangers Guild Leader: Tri Pad Guild Members: 1. iZero 2. Maple 3. Support Kita 4. Choiskie 5. VIRGIN 6. YuURL 7. Zelenos 8. Mangosteen 9. Ashura 10. TUESDAY 11. BabyMinho 12. Gojo Satoru 13. TheLegend 14. Hayopka 15. mac1 Guild Image: (do not post your emblems) Timezone: GMT+8
    • Guild Name: Crusaders Guild Leader: Leomord Guild Members: 1.Shoes 2. J H A N R I C H 3. StalkHer 4. Snipe X 5. bLue 6. CreaM PiE 7. LexiLore 8. Backluum Chaam 9. Sexual White 10. Hijo D puta 11. Comsat 12. HUNTU 13. GAVEEN MIGUEL 14. Awper 15. Z e n i t h 16. Tina Kittens 17. Champion Ng Bayan 18. kamansi   Guild Image: (do not post your emblems) Timezone: GMT+8
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