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    • We would like to apologize for the long maintenance as our hosting had its maintenance as well, compensations are provided in Main Town. Feature Related NEW! MVP Rankings & PVP Rankings improved. Current Rankings will start a new season today, September 18, 2021. Players will now be able to view Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All Time Rankings. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly MVP/PVP Winners of the Rankings will now be automatically distributed via RoDex Mail. Top 5 will now be displayed from Player Statues. MvP Points are now officially back Players will no longer be able to get MVP Points from Bloody Branch summons. MvP Kill Announcement Changes Will now include the MVP Name, and the Map name. Bank Feature is now permanently disabled. Alchemist & Blacksmith Rankings adjusted from Top 6 to Top 10 list. Homunculus Feeding Intimacy Rate adjusted from 1 to 10 per intimacy added. Fixed issues with Towns not able to queue Battlegrounds or not being recognized as town. Battlegrounds Related NEW! Battlegrounds and WoE Supplies will now have their own indicated names to avoid confusion NEW! Battlegrounds Supplies NPC Added Abrasive in the supply list. Battlegrounds temporarily disables all MVP Cards related until further notice. Rush Mode Emperium is now plant type with 100 HP. (100 hits to break) Capture The Flag Mode Disabled until Flavius Break the Crystal, and KvM released. War Badges are no longer tradeable. Assumptio are now dispelled upon entry to any Battleground Modes. NPC Related NEW! Upper Headgears NPC Added Gigantic Majestic Goat v2 Please, see the NPC for more details regarding its crafting. NEW! Instant Job NPC Available permanently at the center of Prontera. Instant Job Ticket is purchasable at Misc Cash Trader Shop. Hunting Missions NPC Removed Bloody Knight in the list. Healer NPC Included dispell for Bleeding status effect. Items Related Mythical Lion Mask is now Upper Headgear only. Costume Mermaid Hair is now Lower costume category. Monsters/PVE Related Players may now be able to warp directly to Juperos Core without doing the quest. See Screenshot for details. Increased Hylozoist spawn rate in nif_fild01 from 10 to 25.
    • Boss Time Attack: Season 1 Event Rules Maximum of 6 Members in a party. Event will run for 48 hours, until the next rotation. Parties can re-enter multiple times to get new records. 5 minutes interval. Winners of the previous boss may compete again in the next rotation. Event Mechanics Event is fully automated, rules will also be discussed by the NPC before it start. Rewards are sent via RoDex Mail. Event location is near the PvP/MvP Statues at the middle, you will find the Boss Time Attack NPC. Only the Ranked Top 1 will receive the prizes. Boss Time Attack MVP (Schedule) September 2, 2021 (Thursday) | Valkyrie Randgris September 4, 2021 (Saturday) | Gloom Under Night September 6, 2021 (Monday) | Baphomet September 8, 2021 (Wednesday) | Falling Bishop Hibram Event Prizes (First Prize only) Per Party not per Member 5,000 Cash Points 1x Mystical Card Album 1x Season Aura (Boss Time Attack with modified effects) (15 days Rental) 30x Elite Siege Box 20x Token of Siegfried Box 10x Big MDEF/DEF Potion Boxes 5x Bloody Branch 25x Food Box Volume 1
    • Compensation Rewards (September 1 to September 5, 2021) Maintenance Compensation NPC (Per Account) Available and will reset daily for 2 days. Meaning, you can obtain these items for 2 times, and will reset automatically. Instant Job Tickets are available, and can be used in the Instant Job Ticket NPC. Compensation Manager NPC (1 time only) Rewards are only 1 time, and bounded to your account. These includes VIP's, and War Badges. General Drop Rate & Experience Base Experience and Job Experience adjusted to 70x General Drop Rate adjusted from 6x to 10x (Not Including MVP) Battlegrounds Happy Hour Rate Adjusted Happy Hour Rate from 25% to 35% Happy Hour Schedule will run from 0:00 to 23:59 for 4 days straight. Build Manager Discounted Rates for resetting back to 300,000z. Feature Related Battlegrounds Update Ka-skills, and Soul Links will now be dispelled upon entry inside Battleground Modes. Kaizel Skill is now banned and not usable inside Battlegrounds. Poring Catcher Kaizel Skill is now dispelled upon entry inside the event map. Security Installations and Updates. (Reason why the maintenance took long) NPC Related Updated coordinates of navigator of Town Guide NPC. Added Identifier NPC to Rachel. Quest Shop NPC Update: NEW! Upper Headgears Added Ancient Horns NEW! Middle Headgears Added Butterfly Wing Ear NEW! Lower Headgears Added Cherry Twig In Mouth Added Choco Stick In Mouth NEW! Costume Headgears - Added (Upper, Middle, and Lower Category) Costume Upper Headgears Added C Punkish Cat Ears Added C Mermaid Wig Added C Black Cat Hoodie Added C Diabolic Headphones Added C Seraphim Coronet Added C Lightning Speed Added C Open Air Headset Costume Middle Headgears Added C Flowing Long Silver Added C Rabbit Two Side Up Added C Piamette Curls Added C Miyabi Long Hair Added C Straight Long Yellow Added C Volume Low Twin Sakura Added C New Wave Sunglasses Added C Crow Tengu Mask Added C Super Cute Dog Costume Lower Headgears Added C Ifrit's Breath Added C Lincoln Beard Added C Mobster Scarf Added C Sword of Thanatos NEW! Added Costume Pet Creation NPC Added C Crow on Shoulder Added C Pigeon on SHoulder Added C Baby Panda Added C Baby Penguin Added C Fox Added C Kishu Dog Added C White Cat Added C Orange Rabbit Added C Panda Rabbit Added C White Rabbit NEW! Cash Shop NPC Update: Costume Cash II Added C Fairy Feathers Added C Floating Ghost Added C Cherry Blossom Hairband NEW! Hourly Shop NPC Update: Added 3-Days VIP Added HE Bubble Gum NEW! Card Recycler NPC Update: Added Agility Scroll Box (30) Added Blessing Scroll Box (30) Items Related Fixed issue with Strong Shield not wearable by Sage Class. Adjusted the weight of the following items to 1: Ice Cream Meat Fresh Fish Novice Breastplate now provides 1,000 more HP. Fixed Jasper Crest Item Description to match pre-renewal. Skills Related Bowling Bash Skill will no longer follow the official gutter line system. We had removed it, and should now hit twice at 5x5 area.
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