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    • Server's First Auction Event October 23, 2021 @ 10:00PM GMT+8 The event is pretty simple! Prepare your zeny in-game to be able to participate in the auction event. Exclusive Collector's Item Edition will be released.  
    • Feature Related Fixed issue with Dicastes Map not recognized as Town to queue from Battlegrounds. Fixed issue with MVP Points not being gained by killers. Players may now be able to vend again in maintown. (Prontera) New Guild Package will be released on October 10, 2021. Battlegrounds Related Battlegrounds Card Schedule Implementation of MVP Cards This feature will allow MVP Cards to be used in Battlegrounds Mode. Please, see the following schedule: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. (BG Free For ALL - MVP/Mini Allowed) Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday. (BG without MVP Cards usage) Please, use @time to check the current server date time. Consumables Exchanger NPC Added Speed Potion & Glistening Coat. BG Supplies NPC Added the following items; Military Ration B Military Ration C Sesame Pastry Honey Pastry Elemental Proof Potions (Fire, Earth, Wind, Earth) Increases Battleground Supplies Exchange rate of Elemental Converters from 1 to 3. Rush Mode Increased Emperium's HP from 100 to 200. Fixed issue in Battlegrounds causing client crash.   NPC Related Cash Shop Healing & Consumables NPC Added Miracle Tonic. Apprentice Craftsman NPC Added Sniping Suit to be enchanted in the NPC. Card Gachapon & Headgear Gachapon (Zeny) are now available in Prontera. Added New Headgears available in the Gachapon NPC.   Items Related Book now gives +15% Matk. C Wings of Uriel (Effect Re-Worked) C Wings of Michael (Effect Re-worked) Wings of Michael will no longer work in BG/WOE/PVP map modes. Runestones are no longer usable in WoE/GvG map modes.   Skills Related Changed Skill Behavior of Land Protector Skill. Players standing on the border (outer cell) will no longer be hit/affected by any AOE skill.
    • Donation Promotion Donation Promo Box A 12,000 Cash Points 20x Elite Siege Box T 1x VIP Premium (7-Days) 10x HE Bubble Gum 1x Angel Scroll NEW! C Wings of Michael NEW! C Wings of Uriel NEW! C Phoenix Hair Donation Promo Box B 5,500 Cash Points 15x Elite Siege Box T 5x HE Bubble Gum 1x VIP Premium (7-Days) 1x C God Aura Box (Available in Different Colors) Donation Promo Box C 2,300 Cash Points 10x Elite Siege Box T 6x Bubble Gum 1x VIP Premium (3-Days) 1x Furry Coat Box (Available in 3 Colors) Donation Promo Box D 1,100 Cash Points 1x VIP Premium (3-Days) 1x Instant Job Ticket Feature Related NEW! Battleground Runestone System Item charms, and rune stones that doesn't need to be equipped. It works as is in your inventory. For more details about this one, please check the Runestone Dealer at the Battlegrounds.   NPC Related NEW! Battlegrounds Gachapon & Preview NPC Added War Badges Gachapon at the Battlegrounds Lobby Please, see the NPC for more details. NEW! Added 28 New Costumes NEW! Cash Shop Headgears Category -- Added the ff: I Love China C Cheering Whistle Valkyrie Feather Band Orchid Headband Yellow Ribbon Items Related Medal of Honor (Swordsman) is now also wearable by Taekwon, and Star Gladiator. War Badges are now tradeable once again.  
    • We would like to apologize for the long maintenance as our hosting had its maintenance as well, compensations are provided in Main Town. Feature Related NEW! MVP Rankings & PVP Rankings improved. Current Rankings will start a new season today, September 18, 2021. Players will now be able to view Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All Time Rankings. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly MVP/PVP Winners of the Rankings will now be automatically distributed via RoDex Mail. Top 5 will now be displayed from Player Statues. MvP Points are now officially back Players will no longer be able to get MVP Points from Bloody Branch summons. MvP Kill Announcement Changes Will now include the MVP Name, and the Map name. Bank Feature is now permanently disabled. Alchemist & Blacksmith Rankings adjusted from Top 6 to Top 10 list. Homunculus Feeding Intimacy Rate adjusted from 1 to 10 per intimacy added. Fixed issues with Towns not able to queue Battlegrounds or not being recognized as town. Battlegrounds Related NEW! Battlegrounds and WoE Supplies will now have their own indicated names to avoid confusion NEW! Battlegrounds Supplies NPC Added Abrasive in the supply list. Battlegrounds temporarily disables all MVP Cards related until further notice. Rush Mode Emperium is now plant type with 100 HP. (100 hits to break) Capture The Flag Mode Disabled until Flavius Break the Crystal, and KvM released. War Badges are no longer tradeable. Assumptio are now dispelled upon entry to any Battleground Modes. NPC Related NEW! Upper Headgears NPC Added Gigantic Majestic Goat v2 Please, see the NPC for more details regarding its crafting. NEW! Instant Job NPC Available permanently at the center of Prontera. Instant Job Ticket is purchasable at Misc Cash Trader Shop. Hunting Missions NPC Removed Bloody Knight in the list. Healer NPC Included dispell for Bleeding status effect. Items Related Mythical Lion Mask is now Upper Headgear only. Costume Mermaid Hair is now Lower costume category. Monsters/PVE Related Players may now be able to warp directly to Juperos Core without doing the quest. See Screenshot for details. Increased Hylozoist spawn rate in nif_fild01 from 10 to 25.
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