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  1. Server's First Auction Event October 23, 2021 @ 10:00PM GMT+8 The event is pretty simple! Prepare your zeny in-game to be able to participate in the auction event. Exclusive Collector's Item Edition will be released.
  2. Feature Related Fixed issue with Dicastes Map not recognized as Town to queue from Battlegrounds. Fixed issue with MVP Points not being gained by killers. Players may now be able to vend again in maintown. (Prontera) New Guild Package will be released on October 10, 2021. Battlegrounds Related Battlegrounds Card Schedule Implementation of MVP Cards This feature will allow MVP Cards to be used in Battlegrounds Mode. Please, see the following schedule: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. (BG Free For ALL - MVP/Mini Allowed)
  3. Donation Promotion Donation Promo Box A 12,000 Cash Points 20x Elite Siege Box T 1x VIP Premium (7-Days) 10x HE Bubble Gum 1x Angel Scroll NEW! C Wings of Michael NEW! C Wings of Uriel NEW! C Phoenix Hair Donation Promo Box B 5,500 Cash Points 15x Elite Siege Box T 5x HE Bubble Gum 1x VIP P
  4. We would like to apologize for the long maintenance as our hosting had its maintenance as well, compensations are provided in Main Town. Feature Related NEW! MVP Rankings & PVP Rankings improved. Current Rankings will start a new season today, September 18, 2021. Players will now be able to view Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All Time Rankings. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly MVP/PVP Winners of the Rankings will now be automatically distributed via RoDex Mail. Top 5 will now be displayed from Player Statues. MvP
  5. Boss Time Attack: Season 1 Event Rules Maximum of 6 Members in a party. Event will run for 48 hours, until the next rotation. Parties can re-enter multiple times to get new records. 5 minutes interval. Winners of the previous boss may compete again in the next rotation. Event Mechanics Event is fully automated, rules will also be discussed by the NPC before it start. Rewards are sent via RoDex Mail. Event location is near the PvP/MvP Statues at the middle, you will find the Boss Time Attack NPC. Only the Ranked Top 1 will receive t
  6. Compensation Rewards (September 1 to September 5, 2021) Maintenance Compensation NPC (Per Account) Available and will reset daily for 2 days. Meaning, you can obtain these items for 2 times, and will reset automatically. Instant Job Tickets are available, and can be used in the Instant Job Ticket NPC. Compensation Manager NPC (1 time only) Rewards are only 1 time, and bounded to your account. These includes VIP's, and War Badges. General Drop Rate & Experience Base Experience and Job Experience adjusted to 70x
  7. Registered Players: Fujin - 08.29.2021 Grizzly - 08.29.2021 xAlosh - 08.29.2021 1Eye - 08.29.2021 Ronda - 08.29.2021 xLight - 08.29.2021 K a l i s - 08.29.2021 Charizard - 08.30.2021 Diluc - 08.30.2021 BarneyStinson - 08.30.2021 YOU GOT FISTED BY BIOLOGY - 09.03.2021 Fade - 09.03.2021 Dcops 1 - 09.03.2021 Loving Punch - 09.03.2021 Pipi sa Utin - 09.03.2021 GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG - 09.03.2021 Tuko sa pader - 09.03.2021 P4OLO - 09.03.2021 Galawang Monzky - 09.04.2021 LuminaHomes - 0
  8. Best of the Best: Legend of the God Fist Legend speaks of Champions, once mere mortals who have transcended the limits of life itself, in order to surpass the barriers that were presented by their earthly bodies. Out of these brave men and women, lies a once-in-a-hundred-year potential, waiting to be awakened, the power to ascend as a War-God, the very avatar of strength that rivals even the might of the Gods - the God Fist. Are you ready to cast away your mortal shell, human? Event Rules Level 99/70 Champion Class One Person = One Entry. (Strictly, no dual entries)
  9. Agit Lords Season 2: The Shadow Realm As adventurers pour forth from Rune Midgard, long lost tales of planes holding vast treasures of unfathomable riches, once spoken only in hushed tones have began to be the talk of the town - from dark alleyways to the town pub, prompting the Kingdom to ask Guilds, both veterans and new ones - a call to arms to try conquering these strange new lands and to seize the riches within. But with such promise of wealth, what danger and perils await these brave adventurers? And who will ultimately claim what lies at the end of this unknown realm? Prizes a
  10. Feature Related The server is now Episode 13.1: Ash Vacuum the Beginning of the Otherworld. Source: renewal.playragnarok Added new towns with basic NPC's at Splendide, and Manuk. (@go splendide) (@go manuk) Added new fields, and new monsters respectively at the given list above. You may refer to www.ratemyserver.net for more information since we are using the RMS base perspective for this episode. Items Related Disabled Death Guidance, and will not exist in the game. Supposed to be dropped by Tendrillion. E
  11. Server Changelogs: August 13, 2021 READ: Episode 13.1 will be released later tonight, due to monster issues that were not happening in our local test. Some costumes and some updates that are not included will be released at the same time with Episode 13.1. IT WILL BE TODAY AS WELL. Thank you! Feature Related Renovated Prontera Map with a different theme. NEW! Added @jumptosell command. This enable players to direct warp to the merchant on autotrade function. (e.g. @jumptosell Character ID) NEW! Added a Shopping Mall (@mall)and a separate
  12. SERVER MAINTENANCE A new world is coming.. Dear Players, server will be having its weekly maintenance on August 12, 2021 @ 11:00PM to 2:00AM GMT+8 | 15:00 to 18:00 UTC Expect big maintenance changes prior to this patch, and in preparation for our upcoming events. Thank you for understanding.
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