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Server Information & Features

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Max Base Lvl


Server Location

United States

Max Job Lvl


Proxy Servers

Singapore, and United Kingdom

Base Experience Rate


Current Episode

XIII: El Dicastes

Job Experience Rate


Available Classes

Transcendent Classes & Expanded (No 3rd Job)

Quest Experience Rate


Game Guard

Gepard Shield 3.0

General Drop Rate


Main Language


Card Drop Rate (Normal)


Server Mechanics


Card Drop Rate (MVP/Mini)


Mobile Client

Available (Android Only)

Floating Rates


VIP System


Max Stat




Instant Cast

150 DEX

Max Clients


Max Attack Speed



God Items


Max Character Slots

15 (10 if Non-VIP)


MVP Cards

Disabled during War of Emperium

- Floating Rates, Schedule, and VIP Features

Happy Hour & Every Weekends Rate (Floating Rate) 


Happy Hour/Day Schedule for Floating Rates

Base Experience Rate




Job Experience Rate




Card Drop Rate (Normal)




VIP Rates ~ (+ Happy Hour if enabled)



Base Experience Rate 

44.80x ~ 55.00x



Job Experience Rate

44.80x ~ 55.00x


All Day

General Drop Rate



All Day

Card Drop Rate (Normal)

9.00x ~ 12.00x


Card Drop Rate (MVP)



Access to VIP Storage



EXP Penalty



For more details regarding VIP Feature, you may view the full details by clicking here.


Custom Basic Utility NPC’s


Custom Server Features

Healer NPC

Attendance System: Disabled

Job Changer NPC

Achievements: Disabled

Universal Rental NPC

Automated Bot Killer: Enabled

Stat & Skill Manager NPC

Cash Shop: Enabled

Guild Storage Manager NPC

World Map: Enabled

Warper NPC

Banking System: Enabled

Identifier NPC

Daily Rewards Exclusive : Enabled

Plagiarism (Stalker)  NPC

Hourly Rewards : Enabled

Fashion Stylist NPC

Vendor Management : Enabled

Broadcaster NPC

PvP Points in PvP Rooms : Enabled | Points can be exchanged.

Tool Dealer NPC

MvP Points in MvP Monsters : Enabled | Points can be exchanged.

Quest NPC’s

Costume Weapons : Enabled

Refiner NPC

Race of the Day : Enabled | Exlusive Rewards.

Hunting Missions NPC


PvP & MvP Rankings with Statues : Enabled

Daily Quest NPC


RoDex Mail: Enabled

Headgear Quest NPC’s


Playable Clients : Android Mobile Client & PC Client

Card Remover NPC


Fishing & Mining System

WoE Manager NPC


EXP Rest Usage System

Basic Utilities also available in other town.


World Boss System

         ....and we let you see the rest of the features in-game.

Player Commands

  • @autoloot
  • @go
  • @refresh
  • @iteminfo / @mobinfo
  • @whereis / @whodrops
  • @duel
  • @showzeny / @showexp
  • @uptime
  • @noks
  • @noask
  • @request
  • @partybuff
    • This custom command will let you see your party members buffs in Party Interface UI. This is available for everyone.
  • @loginsettings
    • This custom command will let you modify your login settings so you will not repeat each command that you do not want to display each time you login.
  • @security
    • This custom command will let you secure your account from being hacked by locking your transaction and other settings when you are logged out. This is extremely useful if you will be out of the game for a week or more.
  • @resist
    • This custom command will allow you to check your own character info based in your elemental resist/other resist modification based in your equipment.
  • @autotrade
    • Autotrade auto restarts every 48 hours.
  • There may be some commands that we did not list here.. you can check all commands available in-game by typing @commands.

Battleground Feature


In World of RO, we are more of a Battleground Oriented System. What is exclusive in our Battlegrounds?

  • Party Skills and Guild Skills to work inside Battleground Modes.
  • Team Color System
  • Battleground Consumables are purchaseable using BG Currencies. These consumables only works inside Battlegrounds. Rewards also can be exchanged for equipments, etc.
  • Automated Balancing System
  • Extended Equipment Check System
    • image.png.385ac3391e89fade9d6a769381f8ec1a.png
  • Exclusive Rankings in our Website for Battlegrounds and WoE Statistics! can be viewed at https://www.worldofro.net/bgstats/
    • image.thumb.png.fbf19f8f2374e2392cc3f12c5f179c54.png
  • More details will be posted in a seperate thread for Battlegrounds Guide!

Player & Party Setting Modification

  • Arrows can be equipped without equipment check. Removing the equipment weapon will also not remove the ammunition.
  • Global Channel talk delay is 3 seconds.
  • Fame list for Alchemist, Taekwon, and Blacksmith rankings are adjusted from 10 players to 6 players per list.
  • Character Deletion time is fixed at 30 minutes.
  • Maximum Character Slot for Non-VIP is 10, while VIP is 15.
  • Party Share Experience level range is 16.
  • Party Members Limit is 20.
  • Multi-Level is enabled. Character base level can increase more than 1 when killing High Experienced Monsters.

Monsters & PvE Setting Modification

  • MvP Monsters HP has been increased by 100%. (x2)
  • Mob spawn rate has been increased by 100%. (MVP's not affected)
  • Mob Stacking is enabled.
  • PvP is enabled when MvP respawn in the map. It is automatically disabled once the MvP dies.
  • Disabled Mi Gao's Metamorphosis skill.
  • Drop rate of Great Nature from Sleeper has been reduced.
  • Drop rate of Crystal Blue from Mushrooms has been reduced.
  • The Sign Quest is disabled and will be an exclusive event for limited time.

Item/s Modification

  • Halter Lead is disabled in PvP and Battleground maps.
  • Dead Branch & Bloody Branch can only be used in specific maps.
  • Selling rate price of Pantie and Undershirt has been reduced from to 5z.
  • Selling rate price of Green Salad has been reduced from to 2,500z.
  • Selling rate price of Crystal Mirror has been reduced from to 5,000z.
  • Selling rate price of Witherless Rose has been reduced from to 18,000z.
  • Selling rate price of Khukri has been reduced from to 60,000z.
  • Selling rate price of Gold Ring, Diamond Ring, and Silver Ring has been reduced from to 10,000z.
  • Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seed item usage delay set to 2 seconds.

Guild & WoE Modifications

  • Guild Limit capacity will be enforced with the average of each guild's member in the server.
  • Guild Alliance is disabled.
  • Creating new guild is disabled during siege.
  • Banned Items: Guyak Pudding, Speed Potion, Halter Lead, Mini-Boss Cards, and MVP Cards.
  • Banned Skills: Battle Chant, Abracadabra, Mind Breaker, Marionette Control, Loki's Veil, Battle Theme, Harmonic Lick, Acoustic Rhythm, and High Jump.
  • Implemented @ecall command to utilize the skill without opening the Guild Interface. Status Icon for Emergency Call is also implemented with running cooldown.

Skill Modifications


MAGICIAN.gif.c2c3a9ec5d486045f5fd9faf3123546b.gifMage Class

  • Quagmire affects teammates on WoE & PvP.

ARCHER.gif.2ed40897287e76f08d4071aeee53e86b.gifArcher Class

  • Double Strafe consumes 2 arrows.
  • Arrow Shower consumes 10 arrows.

THIEF.gif.362abe649cf2cd6ce07fab938390becf.gifThief Class

  • Throw Stone have 40% chance to stun.
  • Preserve can be toggled on/off.

ACOLYTE.gif.998d9d9aa6f05bbef15f8ff9c90a6bb2.gifAcolyte Class

  • Teleport can be switched back to Level 1 to skip teleportation menu.
  • Snap will still require 1 sphere regardless if the user is at Fury state.
  • Asura Strike damage is reduced in PvP, and Battlegrounds by 30%.
  • Asura Strike damage is reduced in WoE by 15%.

MERCHANT.gif.dc1d0f8379afb5dc23972ca928cf2bf7.gifMerchant Class

  • Marine Sphere and Flora summoned by Alchemist will not drop any item.
  • Cart Termination damage has been increased by 20% in PvP & Battleground maps.

NINJA.gif.4e2a248f6431a00113b2c532f4f2e6ac.gifNinja Class

  • Final Strike has been increased by 100% in PvP, WoE, & Battleground maps.


For other link references:

Last Update: May 11, 2021


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