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Guild Packages & Application Guide

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How to be eligible for the Guild Package?

  1. The guild must have atleast 15 unique members to be eligible for the package. If you don't meet the required members, feel free to approach us so we can interview your guild for legitimacy if you are really willing!
  2. Each member, including the leader should post  in Introductions forum section. This is so we can identify unique members without duplication of entries.
  3. Guild Leader is required to send us any graphic image related to their guild for advertisement purposes.
  4. Guild Leader may contact us in the following platforms if you have further questions:

Guild Packages Rewards & Information

  • Your guild must understand that these guild packages is not make yourselves 'WoE-Ready' but to help you start in World of RO with a little advantage.
  • Your guild must understand that transferring to World of RO doesn't make you special. Any member who will show intolerable toxicity, the Guild Leader will be punished accordingly.

Guild Leader Reward (Claimable after first WoE)

1. Rewards will be reduced per member that had claimed in other guild or a dual registered. This is to avoid registering and applying for a abusable package with penalty

2. Guild Leader Rewards will now be claimable after their first War of Emperium.

3. Must be 15 and above to claim. Otherwise, will only be sent a Guild Member Package.

  • 1,000 7179.gif.ad354ce84a6f18ae66df778a740fd289.gif Cash Points
  • 10,000,000z
  • 1x 13718.gif.2a54250626e8b8cfb9a42518b7ca21e0.gif Premium VIP Box (31 days)
  • 5,000,000z
  • 1x card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gifRaydric Card
  • 1x card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gifThara Frog Card
  • 1x card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gifHorn Card
  • 1x card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gifHydra Card
  • 1x card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gifZerom Card
  • 1x card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gifSmokie Card
  • 1x 2604.gif Glove [1]

Guild Member & Guild Leader Package

  • 200 7179.gif.ad354ce84a6f18ae66df778a740fd289.gif Cash Points (Not Including Guild Leader)
  • 1x 13718.gif.2a54250626e8b8cfb9a42518b7ca21e0.gif Premium VIP Box (7 days) (Not Including Guild Leader)
  • 300,000z (Not Including Guild Leader)
  • 100x 7773.gif.9a8baaa47262918240e70c7bd7d91c6f.gif War Badges
  • 1x 7179.gif.ad354ce84a6f18ae66df778a740fd289.gif Gym Pass
  • 3x 12208.gif.d0adf748be615a0b11e8c3f157a376f5.gif Battle Manual
  • 3x 12208.gif.d0adf748be615a0b11e8c3f157a376f5.gif Job Battle Manual
  • 3x 12210.gif.c6fce75500a2e65ceb6666d4540e223c.gifBubble Gum
  • 1x 7620.gif.edb1f0db5910ec302c6ea6873d83906c.gif Enriched Oridecon
  • 1x 7619.gif.dd4887bf66a75af9b8f9421803e0e0df.gif Enriched Elunium
  • card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gif Sealed Raydric Card
  • card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gif Sealed Thara Frog Card
  • card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gif Sealed Horn Card
  • card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gif Sealed Hydra Card
  • card.gif.665adb2830e824d7600a7cfd66ada90a.gif Sealed Zerom Card
  • +7 2309.gif.8f9909ca19eea644bebde3ce9323b1d9.gif Coat [1]
  • +7 2101.gif.1aac2e4c6b33c907e3e93de446f926c7.gif Guard [1]
  • +7 2501.gif.db4e1dcc0558aec6f50050b845218b72.gif Hood [1]
  • +7 2441.gif.bef8abd8efa2efc6e76249d5e00af946.gif Sandals [1]
  • 1x 5336.gif.7715d82fec1b2c10b8b014596c011683.gif Guildsman Recruiter Hat


Items are subject to change without notice



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