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Patch Notes - August 13, 2021

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Server Changelogs: August 13, 2021


READ: Episode 13.1 will be released later tonight, due to monster issues that were not happening in our local test. Some costumes and some updates that are not included will be released at the same time with Episode 13.1. IT WILL BE TODAY AS WELL. Thank you!

Feature Related

  • Renovated Prontera Map with a different theme.
    • pront1.JPG.395faa671827886f700c67ecf5b2b68b.JPG
  • NEW! Added @jumptosell command. This enable players to direct warp to the merchant on autotrade function. (e.g. @jumptosell Character ID)
  • NEW! Added a Shopping Mall (@mall)and a separate Vending Area inside. Players may use the Vending Manager NPC or directly click in the available slot of the trading board. Players may not overlap each other when vending.
    • mall.JPG.7c5a1ad308e58acf598f1cac5bc6fc35.JPG
  • NEW! Added Quest & Lounge Area. You can see most of the Quest and Basic Utilities NPC here at the Main Office.
    • First Floor (Command Shorcut: @quest)
      • questarea.JPG.b86d55958bc3d9c16570047cf206da49.JPG
    • Underground Level (Gym & Testing Dummies) | Command Shorcut: @gym
      • gym.JPG.35047808755e2641bfbfc1345fb7d2e5.JPG
  • Switched PvP 1 and PvP 2 Map that is causing PvP Point Bug issues.
  • PvP and MvP Rankings are now reset back to 1. Season Ends on August 31, 2021. More details will be posted about this.

NPC Related

  • Reduced Bloody Branch Cost in Card Trader NPC.
  • Healer NPC now debuffs Lex Aeterna, and Critical Wound.
  • Cash Shop Update:
    • Added Enriched Oridecon Box (10), and Enriched Elunium Box (10) in Misc Shop.
    • Added the following headgears in Cash Shop Headgears:
      • Angeling Hat
      • Bennit Doll Hat
      • 3D Glasses
      • Charming Ribbon
      • Glaris Doll
      • Neko Mimi
      • Jasper Crest
      • Drooping NineTail
      • Ancient Elven Ears
      • Peco Ears
      • Observer
  • Added Enriched Elunium and Enriched Oridecon in Consumables Exchanger NPC of Battlegrounds.
  • Added +10 Food Buffs in Battleground Supplies. This only works inside Battlegrounds, and it is not retained. It is also removed upon death.
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