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Patch Notes - September 1, 2021

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Compensation Rewards (September 1 to September 5, 2021)

  • Maintenance Compensation NPC (Per Account)
    • Available and will reset daily for 2 days. Meaning, you can obtain these items for 2 times, and will reset automatically. Instant Job Tickets are available, and can be used in the Instant Job Ticket NPC.
  • Compensation Manager NPC (1 time only)
    • Rewards are only 1 time, and bounded to your account. These includes VIP's, and War Badges.
  • General Drop Rate & Experience
    • Base Experience and Job Experience adjusted to 70x
    • General Drop Rate adjusted from 6x to 10x (Not Including MVP)
  • Battlegrounds Happy Hour Rate
    • Adjusted Happy Hour Rate from 25% to 35%
    • Happy Hour Schedule will run from 0:00 to 23:59 for 4 days straight.
  • Build Manager
    • Discounted Rates for resetting back to 300,000z.

Feature Related

  • Battlegrounds Update
    • Ka-skills, and Soul Links will now be dispelled upon entry inside Battleground Modes.
    • Kaizel Skill is now banned and not usable inside Battlegrounds.
  • Poring Catcher
    • Kaizel Skill is now dispelled upon entry inside the event map.
  • Security Installations and Updates. (Reason why the maintenance took long)

NPC Related

  • Updated coordinates of navigator of Town Guide NPC.
  • Added Identifier NPC to Rachel.
  • Quest Shop NPC Update:
    • NEW! Upper Headgears
      • Added Ancient Horns
    • NEW! Middle Headgears
      • Added Butterfly Wing Ear
    • NEW! Lower Headgears
      • Added Cherry Twig In Mouth
      • Added Choco Stick In Mouth
    • NEW! Costume Headgears - Added (Upper, Middle, and Lower Category)
      • Costume Upper Headgears
        • Added C Punkish Cat Ears
        • Added C Mermaid Wig
        • Added C Black Cat Hoodie
        • Added C Diabolic Headphones
        • Added C Seraphim Coronet
        • Added C Lightning Speed
        • Added C Open Air Headset
      • Costume Middle Headgears
        • Added C Flowing Long Silver
        • Added C Rabbit Two Side Up
        • Added C Piamette Curls
        • Added C Miyabi Long Hair
        • Added C Straight Long Yellow
        • Added C Volume Low Twin Sakura
        • Added C New Wave Sunglasses
        • Added C Crow Tengu Mask
        • Added C Super Cute Dog
      • Costume Lower Headgears
        • Added C Ifrit's Breath
        • Added C Lincoln Beard
        • Added C Mobster Scarf
        • Added C Sword of Thanatos
    • NEW! Added Costume Pet Creation NPC
      • image.png.38579aa42a456b765a99e15b2a7c22e7.png
      • Added C Crow on Shoulder
      • Added C Pigeon on SHoulder
      • Added C Baby Panda
      • Added C Baby Penguin
      • Added C Fox
      • Added C Kishu Dog
      • Added C White Cat
      • Added C Orange Rabbit
      • Added C Panda Rabbit
      • Added C White Rabbit
  • NEW! Cash Shop NPC Update:
    • Costume Cash II
      • Added C Fairy Feathers
      • Added C Floating Ghost
      • Added C Cherry Blossom Hairband
  • NEW! Hourly Shop NPC Update:
    • Added 3-Days VIP
    • Added HE Bubble Gum
  • NEW! Card Recycler NPC Update:
    • Added Agility Scroll Box (30)
    • Added Blessing Scroll Box (30)

Items Related

  • Fixed issue with Strong Shield not wearable by Sage Class.
  • Adjusted the weight of the following items to 1:
    • Ice Cream
    • Meat
    • Fresh Fish
  • Novice Breastplate now provides 1,000 more HP.
  • Fixed Jasper Crest Item Description to match pre-renewal.

Skills Related

  • Bowling Bash Skill will no longer follow the official gutter line system. We had removed it, and should now hit twice at 5x5 area.
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