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Patch Notes - September 18, 2021

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We would like to apologize for the long maintenance as our hosting had its maintenance as well, compensations are provided in Main Town.

Feature Related

  • NEW! MVP Rankings & PVP Rankings improved.
    • image.png.904c1cbdac93b8274c1a34bfc7480f8e.png
    • Current Rankings will start a new season today, September 18, 2021.
    • Players will now be able to view Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All Time Rankings.
    • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly MVP/PVP Winners of the Rankings will now be automatically distributed via RoDex Mail.
    • Top 5 will now be displayed from Player Statues.
  • MvP Points are now officially back
    • Players will no longer be able to get MVP Points from Bloody Branch summons.
  • MvP Kill Announcement Changes
    • image.png.6f1c4e9acfe6fdefa66617dd2a7419f6.png
    • Will now include the MVP Name, and the Map name.
  • Bank Feature is now permanently disabled.
    • image.png.a10aa1c1e566b8d7459f1e6220e7f505.png
  • Alchemist & Blacksmith Rankings adjusted from Top 6 to Top 10 list.
  • Homunculus Feeding Intimacy Rate adjusted from 1 to 10 per intimacy added.
  • Fixed issues with Towns not able to queue Battlegrounds or not being recognized as town.

Battlegrounds Related

  • NEW! Battlegrounds and WoE Supplies will now have their own indicated names to avoid confusion
    • f80727f64bdd6929418c2175db3b6e27.gif
  • NEW! Battlegrounds Supplies NPC
    • Added 14536.gif.11de2b3d6a720bd446aef1c89090eb17.gif Abrasive in the supply list.
  • Battlegrounds temporarily disables all MVP Cards related until further notice.
  • Rush Mode
    • Emperium is now plant type with 100 HP. (100 hits to break)
  • Capture The Flag Mode
    • Disabled until Flavius Break the Crystal, and KvM released.
  • War Badges are no longer tradeable.
  • hp_assumptio.gif.656486b26d951957a1f8225506b7dd8c.gif Assumptio are now dispelled upon entry to any Battleground Modes.

NPC Related

  • NEW! Upper Headgears NPC
    • Added Gigantic Majestic Goat v2
      • image.png.6dec33b1251e0ecee7f1909ef8c1ca4a.png
      • Please, see the NPC for more details regarding its crafting.
  • NEW! Instant Job NPC
    • Available permanently at the center of Prontera. Instant Job Ticket is purchasable at Misc Cash Trader Shop.
  • Hunting Missions NPC
    • Removed Bloody Knight in the list.
  • Healer NPC
    • Included dispell for Bleeding status effect.

Items Related

  • 5177.gif.f26db5fcaaa24eb40cfabfe7b8fe4720.gif Mythical Lion Mask is now Upper Headgear only.
  • Costume Mermaid Hair is now Lower costume category.

Monsters/PVE Related

  • Players may now be able to warp directly to Juperos Core without doing the quest. See Screenshot for details.
    • image.png.0160c4bda2067a12baa2efe4facb3855.png
  • 1510.gif.e696be32bc620133943d09e928542a5f.gifIncreased Hylozoist spawn rate in nif_fild01 from 10 to 25.
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