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Patch Notes - October 10, 2021

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Feature Related

  • Fixed issue with Dicastes Map not recognized as Town to queue from Battlegrounds.
  • Fixed issue with MVP Points not being gained by killers.
  • Players may now be able to vend again in maintown. (Prontera)
  • New Guild Package will be released on October 10, 2021.

Battlegrounds Related

  • Battlegrounds Card Schedule Implementation of MVP Cards
    • This feature will allow MVP Cards to be used in Battlegrounds Mode. Please, see the following schedule:
      • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. (BG Free For ALL - MVP/Mini Allowed)
      • Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday. (BG without MVP Cards usage)
      • Please, use @time to check the current server date time.
  • Consumables Exchanger NPC
    • Added Speed Potion & Glistening Coat.
  • BG Supplies NPC
    • Added the following items;
      • Military Ration B
      • Military Ration C
      • Sesame Pastry
      • Honey Pastry
      • Elemental Proof Potions (Fire, Earth, Wind, Earth)
    • Increases Battleground Supplies Exchange rate of Elemental Converters from 1 to 3.
  • Rush Mode
    • Increased Emperium's HP from 100 to 200.
  • Fixed issue in Battlegrounds causing client crash.


NPC Related

  • Cash Shop
    • Healing & Consumables NPC
      • Added Miracle Tonic.
  • Apprentice Craftsman NPC
    • Added Sniping Suit to be enchanted in the NPC.
  • Card Gachapon & Headgear Gachapon (Zeny) are now available in Prontera.
    • image.png.d8887b71b9d2c23784a10c1f41107a42.png
    • Added New Headgears available in the Gachapon NPC.

Items Related

  • Book now gives +15% Matk.
  • C Wings of Uriel (Effect Re-Worked)
    • image.png.c1c15a3c0321b9644c4e166ef2232147.png
  • C Wings of Michael (Effect Re-worked)
    • image.png.ee31d54a43881a3a8ce1859228dbfb4f.png
      • Wings of Michael will no longer work in BG/WOE/PVP map modes.
  • Runestones are no longer usable in WoE/GvG map modes.

Skills Related

  • Changed Skill Behavior of Land Protector Skill. Players standing on the border (outer cell) will no longer be hit/affected by any AOE skill.
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